With spring on the horizon the minds of most women (and men, if they’re being honest) are turning to thoughts of what they’re going to look like when it’s time to peel off the layers and hit the beach again. Inevitably we all start talking about re-joining the gym and eating fruit and vegetables instead of chips and chocolate.


The important thing to remember is that being healthier does not necessarily mean a complete change of lifestyle. The best diet in the world is the one you can stick to. So how can you make eating out fun and still help your health conscious customers? Well I think it’s all about choice. When I eat out, I like to know that I can choose between healthy choices and more indulgent items. Here are a few of my favourite choices on a menu.


When it comes to sides it doesn’t always have to be chips with everything. I love char-grilled Mediterranean vegetables or a crisp side salad if I want something crunchy but light. An easy way to up the fibre content of your meals is to use whole-wheat pasta and offer a selection of delicious multi grain breads.


Sharing platters with friends is a popular trend. You can offset the tasty deep fried bites with a rustic apple and celery salad. This can be combined with pitta bread, vegetable sticks and low fat hummus for dunking, or try grilled Haloumi cheese and vegetable kebabs. Sharing a plate of tasty bits and pieces is a great way to eat out because you consume less without feeling you’re missing out and you don’t feel guilty the morning after.


Being healthy doesn’t have to mean being boring about pudding, either. I love Minghella Dolce Vita Chocolate Icecream which is low fat and low sodium and acts as the perfect complement to that gem of a dessert, a ruby red fruit terrine made with reduced sugar jelly and packed with juicy berries. So as I stock up on fruit and veg, renew my gym membership and remove all treats from the cupboard, I’m left with one thought as I take one last bite out of my bar of chocolate – at least I can still enjoy eating out.



Angela May

Marketing Manager