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The great British pub - what an institution - we all love ‘em! And the good news is the tide has turned for British pubs, and some are enjoying a return to growth!

Food sales and deals have really helped to rekindle our well-loved British boozers. The great value for money they offer, the relaxed, casual environment and traditional favourite dishes we know and love are the magic ingredients that pub-goers are looking for in the current economic climate.

So we’ve scratched our heads and put together a guide for you which features some really inspiring ideas that tap into the appeal of those classic pub favourites. We’ve picked ideas to help you add flair and variety to your menus whether you are looking to go for a value food offer, mid market or something a little bit more premium and special. And we have some really simple and sound advice about marketing, key trends, menus and deals to help you pull in the punters.