Caterer’s calendar

Caterer's calendar

At Bidvest Foodservice we understand how important calendar events are to caterers. Big calendar events bring people together and when they’re together they’re going to want to eat! Take full advantage of these occasions and check out our latest caterer’s calendar events in this section and find help with menu ideas, maximising portion control, minimising waste and many more great tips to make the most of seasonal periods.

St Patrick’s day – 17th March

Saint Patrick’s day owes its heritage to religion, specifically the arrival of Catholicism in Ireland back in the 5th century. The Lenten restrictions on eating are lifted for Saint Patrick’s Day and the consumption of rich foods and alcohol is celebrated. Public festivals are common festivities associated with Saint Patrick’s day with the wearing of green attire and shamrocks strongly represented throughout. Whilst we have a full range of wines, beers and spirits to accommodate such an event, Irish alcohol lends itself perfectly to many wonderful recipes. Think beef and Guinness stew, Jameson whiskey Irish ribs, beef and Guinness pies and  salted caramel whiskey bread and butter pudding. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy why not try some traditional Irish recipes such as Boxty pancakes, Barmbrack or colcannon, all of which use great natural products and vegetables, another popular trend with 84% of Millennials agreeing that “freshness is likely to influence their food and beverage purchases”*.

*The Food People 2016

Mother’s day – 26th March

Mother’s day is usually one of the biggest days in many catering companies’ calendars, if not the biggest day of them all! Mum deserves a treat and unless Dad or son whips up a delicious Sunday roast, many people book in to pubs, restaurants and hotels to give the matriarchs of the family a proper celebration (and save on the washing up as well!). Just three weeks prior to Easter, and on the day the clocks go forward, Mother’s day officially represents the start of spring this year and our amazing range of Farmstead fresh meats if sure to win over customers and chefs alike. Check out Farmstead and our other own brand ranges for more information.

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