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Make your kitchen work harder!

With your profits under constant pressure, keeping your business and your kitchen efficient is vital for saving time, resources and money.

At 3663 Catering Equipment, our specialists spend a lot of time listening to our pub customers, evaluating their kitchen’s workflow and making recommendations on how they can make small changes to improve their business. Here is some practical advice we would like to share with you.


Use what you already have to your advantage

Many pub owners inherit their kitchen equipment and to begin with it serves them well. But when the need comes to extend or make better use of kitchen space, often focusing on improving efficiency is less of an upheaval and an expense than a refurbishment and redesign.


So, how can you do this?

It’s simple, look at the flow of your kitchen, and consider swapping your convection oven with a six burner cooker which creates a safer and more workable space around the oven.

Consider installing a static hot cupboard with a heated gantry over it to keep your dishes at a nice hot temperature when you serve them. Most models can hold up to 40 plates, so you can also use the hot cupboard as heated storage space to help your chef during busy periods or when you have large parties or functions to cater for.


Making the change - a helping hand

We appreciate that completely refurbishing your kitchen area can be a little daunting. This is why we offer a dedicated and hassle-free support service, to guide you through your kitchen refurbishment, to design the right layout, choose the right materials and project manage the installation.


Top Tips for pub kitchen efficiency

Choosing your equipment

Don’t be tempted to scrimp on your catering equipment, second-hand or reconditioned kit may seem like good value for money at the time, but it can often be a big risk and a false economy. As they say, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

If you’re short of cashflow then you can spread the cost buy taking out a lease agreement. Paying a little extra for a warranty will normally cover the leased period, and gives you added peace of mind.


Working in small spaces

If you’re short of space in your kitchen area, a combi oven could be the answer. They offer a 3 in 1 solution which are perfect for small spaces, and still allow you to be flexible with your food offering.


Energy saving

It’s worth considering energy and water saving ideas - sustainability solutions do make good business sense. For example, cooking your vegetables in water, and reusing that water to make stock, saves energy, time and money!


Taking it easy

Using pre-prepared fresh vegetables or using an electrical vegetable processor can save you precious time and hassle on vegetable preparation, and makes it easy to manage portion control and consistency.


Go with the flow

Think of your kitchen as a production line, the most effective production lines follow a natural flow and your food preparation is no different. Look at how your current process works and consider any changes you could make to improve it:

  • Separate areas for preparation of starters, mains and desserts
  • Keep your areas for preparation, cooking and refrigeration clearly segregated
  • Create a separate area for your dirty plates, dishes and utensils.


Reduce Wastage and Improve Quality

By decanting surplus food you into separate containers and putting them into chilled storage, you can reduce your wastage and keep your ingredients in prime condition. A range like Cambro Storage Solutions is ideal for this.


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