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What makes British pubs so special?

Good draught beer

That’s what pubs are famous for, and traditional British beers are seeing a revival; it’s hard to find the quality and choice of beer in any other eating establishment, so why not make more of it on your menu in batters, in pies, and by beer matching some of your dishes?


Relaxed environment

A home from home is what many people look for in a pub, and that fits perfectly with the home-cooked experience of pub food. Casual dining is a growing sector because many people don’t want to sit on ceremony when they eat out. This may mean more competition from restaurants, but it’s still one of the key reasons why pubs have seen a return to popularity.


Value for money and generosity

People are increasingly looking for value for money which can come in several guises: promotions and cheaper prices are popular but there is evidence that by offering generous portions you can increase your customers’ loyalty and have less impact on your margins*.

* Peach Report 2011

British favourites on the menu

The key dishes in pubs don’t change much from year to year but the whole British food scene is bang on-trend. You can find our latest list of products that have at least 65% British ingredients on our Advice Centre's product lists page, while we have even more ideas for serving up British food.


Specials boards

These are a great opportunity to offer variety, and ‘mix it up’ or show case your signature dishes to keep customers coming back. Look out for a few interesting twists we’ve included, like pie of the week, curry of the week, burger of the week and even sausage of the week.


Family friendliness and service

Pubs offer family friendly opportunities to enjoy a meal out, and many claim that this has increased their visits to their local. You can encourage the family eating experience by serving side dishes in family portions to share and with a strong offer for young diners (see our section on kids and family dining for ideas and inspiration).


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